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At Fair Work Employment Lawyers we will support and represent you when your employer has not paid you correctly.

Unpaid Wages Recovery is all about recovering wages when you have been underpaid by your employer. They need the full force of the law put on them to get your unpaid wages and to bring your employer to justice.

At Fair Work Employment Lawyers we think an employer should pay more than just a repayment if they are shown to be not paying the correct wages to their employees. We will look over employment records and seek redress from your employer. If your employer cannot see reason when shown they owe you wages then we will pursue the matter in the Federal Circuit Court or the Federal court, and when that happens Fair Work Employment Lawyers will also chase them for fines and any other contraventions of the Fair Work Act.

What this means is that we will get straight to the point and seek immediate redress from your employer regarding your unpaid wages. We are passionate about not seeing the rich get richer off the worker, and we are unsympathetic towards your employer in our recovery actions.

Call us now regarding an Unpaid Wages Recovery claim on 1300 853 837 or enquire here.

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